About Chef Michael Kuo

【Chef Michael Kuo】1985年生,有點年紀的台灣Chef。參加國內外餐飲比賽、歷經大小餐廳飯店工作,創業開店。毅然決然放下手邊穩定的工作,決定跳脫舒適圈,前往法國巴黎藍帶餐飲學院求學。
Born in 1985, Taiwanese chef. Participate in domestic and foreign catering competitions, work in restaurants, and start a business. Resolutely put down the stable work at hand, decided to break away from the comfort zone and go to the Le Cordon Bleu School in Paris, France to study.


2019 Thailand Ultimate Chef Challenge Won Bronze Medal
2019 泰國極限廚師挑戰賽銅牌
2019 農糧署台灣炒飯王經典組全台12強
2019 Taiwan Hakka Cuisine Competition Won Silver Medal
2019 台灣客家料理客香廚神銀牌
2018 China Young Chef Competition Won Gold Medal
2018 海峽兩岸青年廚師盃金牌
2017 Taiwan Hakka Cuisine Competition Won Bronze Medal
2017 台灣東區客家料理比賽銅牌
2017 Taiwan National Workplace Talent Cup of Ministry Labor Won Bronze Medal
2017 台灣勞動部全國職場達人盃優勝
2016 WACS Korea Food Trad Fair Won Bronze Medal
2016 韓國WACS餐飲大賽雙銅牌
2016 第十屆台北國際菩提金廚獎佳作
2016 International Taiwan Food & Beverage Challenge Won Gold Medal
2016 國際台灣餐飲挑戰賽金牌

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