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#牧羊人派 #Hachis_Parmentier


牧羊人餡餅(羊肉末 /碎牛肉)是一種帶有土豆泥肉餡餅

食譜有很多變化,但決定性的成分是在肉汁或醬汁中加洋蔥和一些其他蔬菜(例如豌豆芹菜胡蘿蔔)烹製的剁碎的紅肉,然後在烤之前加一層土豆泥。有時,在餡餅上還撒上磨碎的奶酪,可以在上面形成一層融化的奶酪。from wiki

Old recipes from the UK. Shepherds Pie.


Shepherd's pie (minced mutton / ground beef) is a meat pie with mashed potatoes.

There are many variations to the recipe, but the decisive ingredient is to add minced red meat made from onions and some other vegetables (such as peas, celery or carrots) to the gravy or sauce, and then add a layer of mashed potatoes before baking. Sometimes, grated cheese is sprinkled on the pie to form a layer of melted cheese.




This dish was first encountered in a French restaurant. I was introduced to Jordan by this handsome crooked master. He told me it was an ancient French dish.

Is it strange to see it here? Is it British or French?

In fact, the main "mashed potato" is unchanged. The British version uses ground meat such as beef. The French version uses "confit duck" for the bottom.



This is the time when we made a variation on #Hachis_Parmentier.

confit duck , put it in the tart , cover with a layer of mashed potatoes, and bake

#職訓局教學 #學員




馬鈴薯 1顆、牛絞肉200克、芹菜50克、紅蘿蔔50克、洋蔥50克、紅酒100克、鹽少許、黑胡椒少許、迷迭香少許、荳蔻少許、橄欖油少許、奶油50克、鮮奶油50克、番茄糊 20克。







1 potato, 200 g ground beef, 50 g celery, 50 g carrots, 50 g onion, 100 g red wine, a little salt, a little black pepper, a little rosemary, a little cardamom, a little olive oil, a 50 g butter , 50 g cream and 20 g of tomato paste.

Wash the potatoes first, put them in boiling water and cook them thoroughly. Chopsticks can be inserted easily. Remove and peel, crush and filter with a sieve. After filtering, stir in butter, whipped cream, cardamom, and salt.

Chopped celery, carrots, and onions before use. Pour olive oil in a pan and slowly stir-fry celery, carrots, and onions over low heat. Pour in ground beef, stir-fry and the aroma is noticeable. Pour in red wine, fragrant incense, and stir-fry until the wine radiates. Add tomato paste, salt, black pepper, rosemary and stir-fry. Finally add butter .

In a ravioli roasting cup, put the meat sauce in the ravioli roasting cup, cover with mashed potatoes, sprinkle the cheese, and bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

The delicious "Shepherd's Pie" is served! #Hachis_Parmentier



就如同做這道 #牧羊人派 有英國版、法國版,還有我自己的版本。



"Cooking". It can be said to be very interesting and boring.

If you are interested, you will have fun in the kitchen every day. If not interested, will feel pain to stay in the kitchen for a long time.

It ’s like doing this #Hachis_Parmentier Available in British, French, and my own version.

I will study it because I am interested and change it into my own recipe.

I hope that everyone will find their own interests and work hard in the direction of interest. Encourage them together.

附上法國帥哥教學影片。#牧羊人派 #Hachis_Parmentier


【Chef Michael Kuo】1985年生,有點年紀的台灣Chef。參加國內外餐飲比賽、歷經大小餐廳飯店工作,創業開店。毅然決然放下手邊穩定的工作,決定跳脫舒適圈,前往法國巴黎藍帶餐飲學院求學。

Born in 1985, Taiwanese chef. Participate in domestic and foreign catering competitions, work in restaurants, and start a business. Resolutely put down the stable work at hand, decided to break away from the comfort zone and go to the Le Cordon Bleu School in Paris, France to study.

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