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Think of Sichuan and Chongqing, what do you think of?

For a chef, the only thing that comes to mind is spicy pot, is this an occupational disease?


Two years ago, there was an international competition in Hefei [the first cross-strait food and cultural exchange forum] [the first world youth cup cooking and cooking contest]



With luck, I returned with a gold medal.

After the game, I kept flying on the plane to Chongqing, Sichuan.


#花椒 又稱秦椒、川椒或山椒 麻味為主,香味為輔,麻味純正

#花椒 Also known as Qin pepper, Sichuan pepper, or mountain pepper, hemp flavor is mainly supplemented by aroma, and pure hemp flavor


#青花椒 青花椒以麻香為主,麻味為輔,麻味後勁足

#青花椒 Green pepper is mainly made of hemp, supplemented by hemp flavor, and the hemp flavor stays strong


#劉一手 重慶麻辣鍋


It is a famous dish that originated in Sichuan and Chongqing areas of China. It is generally made from peppercorns, onion segments, ginger slices, paprika, sage, cinnamon, anise, and anise. It is popular in Taiwan and mainland China. But the cooking methods are slightly different from place to place. The tongue is slightly numb when eating, and the flavor is spicy, so it is called spicy hot pot.




This time, I tasted and learned what "spicy pot" is.

Soup is not drinkable. Drink it and stay on the toilet for a long time.

It is not that the soup is not good, but it is a habit for Taiwanese people to drink hot pot soup, but please think twice about the soup base full of peppers and spicy oil.








Hemp, hemp, hemp! The scalp tingling and the lip tingling are not much. Not spicy, but hemp.

This is an indescribable feeling, and I have not yet had such experience in Taiwan. Just a bite of beef can reach such a state, we really have to admire the Chongqing people to carry forward the spicy pot.

After the baptism of Chongqing spicy hot pot, returned to Taiwan to continue research. In addition to peppercorns, "spicy hot pot" is butter, beef flavor is another focus.

To make a good spicy pot, the peppercorns should be good, numb and fragrant. In addition, the hotpot soup base must be boiled with beef bone. The soup base boiled with beef bone has an irreplaceable aroma, which can bring out the beauty of pepper and pepper.

In terms of Chinese medicinal materials, fragrant leaves, cardamom, comfrey, cinnamon, star anise and anise can be used.

As for the pepper, you can use King Pepper, Erjing, Dahongpao, and Blue Pepper.


Liu Yishou has many sauces to use.



地址 中國重庆市渝中区沧白路46号

電話 +86 23 6161 8555

If you really want to know, let's arrange it and go to Sichuan and Chongqing to challenge the spicy pot.


Address: No. 46 Cangbai Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China

Phone: +86 23 6161 8555


#洪崖洞 重慶景點 有許多酒吧、商店街。

Chongqing Attractions There are many bars and shopping streets.

附上一段在 #解放碑 公轉自轉短片




There are many shops and gourmet snacks, especially this pork leg.

Hemp to the heart Kanlia ... compared to some spicy hot pot. This pig's foot is too dark and ecstatic ...


#解放碑 串串香


#四川重慶 #正宗劉一手 #花椒 #麻辣火鍋 #美食分享 #洪崖洞 #解放碑 #重慶旅遊



【Chef Michael Kuo】1985年生,有點年紀的台灣Chef。參加國內外餐飲比賽、歷經大小餐廳飯店工作,創業開店。毅然決然放下手邊穩定的工作,決定跳脫舒適圈,前往法國巴黎藍帶餐飲學院求學。

Born in 1985, Taiwanese chef. Participate in domestic and foreign catering competitions, work in restaurants, and start a business. Resolutely put down the stable work at hand, decided to break away from the comfort zone and go to the Le Cordon Bleu School in Paris, France to study.

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